Visiting Prague

Prague is a beautiful city in the Czech Republic. Tourists love Prague because of its fantastic old architecture, good museums and of course very friendly people. This is must see European city.

The best way is to finding an accommodation earlier. If you are looking some good and cheap place, stay in a Alibi Hostel in Prague. Bed and breakfast or Prag hostel can be situated in some distance of the city centre. If you have enough time you can fantastic walks every day.

The most important river in the Czech Republic is Vltava and the most known bridge is Charles Bridge. It was built in 1357. It is famous not only because of its size but also there are a lot of magnificent old statues. The most important are John of Nepomuk and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV.

Prague is full of old architecture but there are also some new, modern buildings which are really worth seeing. In Prague you can see funny Dancing House. It was created in the end of 20th century by Czech architect Valdo Milunic and famous Canadian Frank Gehry. It is so amazing because of the structure of dynamic and static elements.

There are also many important churches which you can see in Prague, for example the Roman Catholic St. Vitus Cathedral. It’s the largest and the most known Christian church in the country. To choose the best places to see take some city guide and a good map.

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