Travel to Salzburg

There are a lot of fantastic places to see in Salzburg. The city has amazing offer for all tourists: children, young and old people, art lovers or dancers. Look at some fantastic things to visit in the city.

Museum of Natural History and Technology is a great place for mature and children. Visiting museum is a great journey in nature and science. The most popular in the museum are gigantic dinosaurs.

Very important place to see in Salzburg is Old Town. The area is full of galleries, caf├ęs and boutiques but also amazing architecture. Some old homes are from 15th and 16th century. It is worth to see the old Town Hall, the Old Market and the Court Pharmacy from the 13th century.

St. Peter’s Church is one of the most beautiful church in Salzburg. It was completed in 1143 but the Rococo decoration is from 18th century. There are also some signs of Romanesque history for example west doorway from 1240.

Don’t forget about finding an accommodation earlier. There are a lot of expensive, luxury hotels but you can also find cheap Salzburg hostel (Muffin Hostel is probably one of the best). If you love to feel like at home, choose bed and breakfast. You can also taste some national specialities there.

Salzburg is also a great city for long walks so take a good city map and the guide which tells you what to see because the city is full of fantastic, a bit hidden places.

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